Friday, January 06, 2017

January 10th 2017 Annual Meeting 7:30 PM at the Clubhouse


Date: Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 ANNUAL MEETING
Time: 7:30 P.M.
Location: Club House meeting room



- Previous Board of Directors Meeting Minutes (December 13, 2016)
- Communication of any Board of Directors actions between formal meetings.

- Reserve Account Review/Funding
- Expenditures for the Period (typically quarterly review)
- B/S, I/S, A/P, & G/L Review & Approval
- Budget Review/Discussion
- A/R Review & Action to Delinquent Members (Exec Lien/Foreclosure Docs)
- Special Project Approval/Review/Commencement

- Grounds (Parking Areas, Driveways, Roofs, etc.)
- Landscape (Irrigation, Plants, etc.)
- Exterior Lighting
- Pool Area
- Swim Team MOU status
- Parking
- Member Violations
- Collection of e-mail contact for communication and emergencies and communication with households lacking email/ street representative collection of information and seeking volunteers for missing street representatives.

- Opening Sealed Ballots/Election of Officers/Association Resolution -  Revenue Ruling #70-604



Note: Meeting Agenda format/content is designed to be flexible for attending Members and to enable the Board of Directors to take appropriate action as required on issues that affect the Association’s overall operations. Some actions are taken by the Board without a regularly scheduled meeting. Such actions will become part of the Minutes record at the next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Draft Minutes for December 13, 2016 MIA Board Meeting

December 13, 2016 MIA Board Meeting
7:30 pm
Location: MIA Clubhouse

Board Members Present:
New Board Member Kerry Smith
Future Board Member Akeem Mostamandy

Also attending was Rob March from our new management company.

Approximately 10 members of the community attended.

Community Imput/ Questions:

- Dushan asked:  What is the status of dues paid for 2016. It seems like we are missing a lot of payments for 2016.

-Answer: We send out bills for the following year at the beginning of December, and many homeowners pay in December.  The money we collected for the 2016 dues in December of 2015 was accounted for in 2015, and not 2016.  The dues we collected in 2016 and reflected in the accounting are for amounts collected from January through November 2016.  The amounts we collect in December 2016 are not yet included in the accounting, because our report was prepared at the end of November.  In other words, we are missing December’s collection in the accounting and that’s why it appears that many payments are missing, but actually we are on track for the usual amount of dues.

Accept previous minutes                            
Lily moved to accept the minutes from November.
All members approved November minutes.

HOA Manager (Rob) Intro/Bio

We have hired Rob March from the MastersGroup to be our HOA manager.  Rob introduced himself and explained the work he was planning to do.  He has been doing HOA management in Almaden for many years.

Financial update:

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to table the financial report from 2016 (unaudited).  This included the reconciled bank statements, A/R, and A/P reports through _______, 2016. 

2017 Budget – the dues will remain the same as in 2016 for all members at $500.00/year.

Year End Report and Disclosures – the written report created by Best Bookeepers Company will be mailed to all members (based on the mailing record for each member) by year end 2016.  The disclosure also includes policy in managing delinquent accounts (due date, fines, interest and lien procedures), along with Arbitration Policies and much more.

Delinquent Members – it was noted that seven (7) members remain delinquent.  The Association will commence lien actions on each delinquent member and follow the delinquency policy.

Facility Operations manager update

Entry Gates – all gates are to be self-latching and require a formal means of entering the pool and club areas.

Club House Maintenance – the club house will have its floors cleaned and sealed/waxed after the January 14th, 2017 event.  The management company will arrange for the vendor to perform this work.

Perimeter Lighting – a light report will be generated to determine additional lighting requirements and performance of existing light fixtures and placement.

Association Blog – a review of the Association’s blog will be performed through Bill Swagerty.   Upgrades. Licenses, and changes will be submitted to the board.

Ethics Policy – it was noted that the board has established an ethics policy that all board members will sign.  

Landscaping – various areas will be corrected that include: dead tree removal, repairing/adding irrigation to un or under watered areas, review of alternative landscape plants/species to enable a covered and pleasant community club area look.

Contingency Account – a motion was made, seconded and passed to allow up to $250.00 per month in miscellaneous expenses to be managed by the Site Operations Manager.  She will make a report at meetings.

Irrigation Repair and Programming – it was noted that the new sprinkler controllers need to be reprogrammed and water routes confirmed.  A bid will be secured to have this work performed (note:  At present the current landscaper does not perform this task).

-Clubhouse and Poolhouse are going to be tented for termites.
           -We asked our pool maintenance provider to double check that the chemicals would be okay.
           -We need PG&E to turn off the electric while the poolhouse is tented, and we need to turn it back on.
Board Transition

Vicki will remain on the board to complete her 2 year term.
Kerry Smith was approved by all members of the board to become new member of the board, as of December 13, 2016, filling the vacancy currently on the board.

Kerry has lived in our neighborhood since 2002.  She has two children.  Kerry loves the 4th of July celebration in our neighborhood and the way neighbors take care of each other.  She has taught PE at Guadalupe Elementary School, and her children have been on the neighborhood swim team for many years.  She has served on the board of the swim team for 9 years.  Kerry can be reached at telephone number: 408 887 2245 and e-mail:  The board welcomes Kerry and thanks her for joining us.
Kerry will take over reporting the minutes and posting information from Lily.

Akeem Mostamandy has also volunteered to join our board.  He will replace Rich Robertson, and become an official member of our board on December 31, 2016.  Akeem has been a resident in Montevideo for 12 years.  He has a daughter, with whom he has been enjoying the neighborhood pool this past summer.  He is excited about our facility and looks forward to helping our neighborhood think about how to best improve it for our future.  The board expressed thanks to Akeem for joining us, and looks forward to working with him.
Akeem can be reached at his email: and phone number:  408-234-6140

Open Board Positions:

Candidates for Board Positions – the closing date to register as a candidate for the 2017 board of directors positions is January 31, 2017.   Members will need to email their intent to the board and provide a brief statement (2 paragraphs tops) sharing why they wish to serve on the board for the 2017 Fiscal Year to Rob March at

 We have had at least three people interested in serving on the board.  Rob March will confirm that these interested parties and any new interested parties remain interested.  If we have more interested parties than positions, a ballot will be sent to all members, along with a separate form/notice to provide each members’ email address), to vote.  Should only a total of five members wish to run for office, the board will decide to either distribute ballots or motion for approval to elect the listed candidates to serve.   Members can always serve as committee chairpersons to help the community thrive.   There are a number of committees including:  Landscape, Grounds, Finance, and 4th of July and Social Committees.  There will also be future opportunities to serve as board members.

We need to transition bank signatures from Rich and Todd to Vicki and Kerry, or a second board member.  Wells Fargo requires all old and new signators appear in person.  _______Bank allows the transition by a signature card.

We need to transition the website users and Google docs users to the new board and take off the old board.

We will invite lawyer, Rob and bookkeeper Jan meeting.

Communication to the Community

It is imperative that the Association starts utilizing email as the formal method of communicating to the members.  Starting 2017, the Association will take a number of steps to get this process fully functional.   The costs to mail by US Mail and the inherent lag of current information will drive this to the proper conclusion in having 99% of all members communicated to via email.  The email list and contact information will remain confidential and held by the Association’s President.

Management Contract

Rich Robinson and Vickie Saenz will be meeting with Rob March of The Masters Group on December 20th, 2016 to finalize on the one year management contract.  The contract can be extended to additional years based on the board’s recommendation.   The management company’s duties are as listed in the original interview list with exceptions.  Overall, the management company will provide guidance in performing Davis Sterling  Act for the community, attend quarterly board meetings and assist in planning and preparing for the July 4th party/celebration.   Additionally, the management company will interface with the contractors to provide guidance in performing their tasks.

 Year-end package status:

Year-end packages went out.

Swim Team Use Permit status   

Our lawyer is working with the swim team on a memorandum of understanding, and hopefully he can report at January meeting.

Bookkeeper/Finance update      

  Vicki will make a year end report in January at the annual meeting.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 at the club room for the annual meeting.  The time of the meeting is:  7:30   PM   The meeting announcement was posted on December 20th, 2106 at the bulletin board outside the clubhouse.

Comcast/WiFi  update:

Don has sorted out the last of the phone line issues.

The meeting was closed at 8:15 PM.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

December 13, 2016 MIA Board Meeting Agenda

Dec. 2016 Agenda
Dec 13. 7:30
Location: MIA Clubhouse

Community input 30 minutes
Accept previous minutes                        Lily
HOA Manager (Rob) Intro/Bio              Rich
Facility Operations manager update
Authorize Peg to spend up to $250
        Peg to report spends each meeeting      
Board Transition
Bank signatures, website, Google docs
Invite lawyer, Rob and bookkeeper Jan meeting

 Year end package status 
Swim Team Use Permit status             Lily
Bookkeeper/Finance update                Vicki
Comcast/WiFi  update                         Don

Thursday, December 01, 2016

December MIA Board Meeting Moved from December 6 to December 13

Attention Montevideo Neighbors!!!!

This month we are moving our meeting from the first Tuesday at 7:30 to the second Tuesday at 7:30 pm at the MIA clubhouse.

We hope you can join us!  The agenda will be posted in the near future.  Let us know if there is something you would like to discuss: email:


Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Approved Meeting Notes November 1, 2016

Nov. 2016 Agenda

Called to order at 7:31 pm:
            MIA officers attending:

Community input

Accept previous minutes:  Lily
            -all accepted

Facility update Rich
   Termite tenting – will be about $3,000 – all approved
            -we need a W-9 from the provider.

New Bench is in front of Pool Area – Phil’s bench (He wanted it).  Eventually it will get a back                  rest as well

Juan sometime this week will put up the sign up at the top of the stairs.

Community letter/New board Rich

            -Lily & Rich will draft early next week demanding someone take over our jobs.  You know it’s you.

HOA Management:  Rich

            -We got one response. (Called several.) It would be $550/month, we already confirmed Peggy would continue as site manager.  Vicki needs to update the bookkeeper with all of the house sales.  Julie should do it.  Vicki will coordinate with her.

            -We will bring him and anyone else who can in, and we will call an emergency board meeting.

Swim Team MOU: Lily:

            -We will mail it to homeowners with a cover letter in the next couple weeks.

            -Lily and Rich will work on cover letter. – It will also include a call for new board members.
            -Then we will receive comments for 30 days, the same way we did with the new pool policy.

            -Vicki will ask if the bookkeeper can do the mailing, if not, Vicki will get the mailing list from Todd/ Julie and will do the mailing

Bookkeeper Update:  Vicki
            Swim team paid us in full as of September.
            Vicki will get updated addresses to bookkeeper.
            IRS has contacted us because there was a mistake on our 1099 for Juan and Jueve, Juan’s has been corrected, but we still need Jueve’s information.
            We need to get w-4 and I-9 from any new contractor/hire before they start work.
            Vicki will check to make sure she has information for all employees.

Comcast update Don

            We should pay for some of Peggy’s phone now that we terminated the old clubhouse number.  Maybe we should forward the number to her cell phone, so if we ever have someone else in that position. 
                        -Vote to pay for ½ of Peggy’s cell phone service – all in favor

                        -Vote to forward old phone number 268-1944 to Peggy so we can keep that number – all in favor

            Our AT&T bill had gone up to $400+/month for two lines, we rarely used.  SO
            Don had Comcast port the 268-1944 number to the Comcast equipment, and 265-6565, will be disconnected (pool phone).
We cancelled AT&T.
                        -Cutoff date was about a month ago
            The pool line 268-6565 is also unnecessary (also AT&T) – we will cancel that too.

We were billed by AT&T for September…Don will call Comcast to make sure they have terminated the AT&T service.  (They are supposed to do it).  First we should make sure we don’t get charged next month. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:20

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Board Meeting November 1 2016 at 7:30 at the MIA Clubhouse

Nov. 2016 Agenda

Location: MIA Clubhouse

Community input 30 minutes
Accept previous minutes  Lily
Facility update Rich
   Termite tenting/Bench
Community letter/New board Rich
HOA Management Rich
Swim Team MOU Lily
Bookkeeper update Vicki
Comcast update Don

Thursday, September 29, 2016


The October 2016 MIA Board Meeting will not take place this month.  All issues in process will be discussed at the November Board Meeting.  We hope you can join us in November.