Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Montevideo Aerial History

Patty Harrison of Puerto Vallarta Drive moved to the Montevideo Neighborhood in December 1967. Her late husband took these aerial photos in July and August of 1968. In the first photo there is no Guadalupe School, no Oak Canyon and Camden Avenue deadends. The homes on the west side of Camden are just being built and you can see the model homes on Guadalajara Court. The second picture is of Puerto Vallarta Drive where Patty lives and you can see a little progress on the school site. Note the absence of trees.

The MIA extends a special thank you to Patty for providing these great photos!!

Click on each photo for a full-resolution image.

Montevideo Circa July 1968

Montevideo Circa August 1968


  1. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Thanks, these are great! We moved in August of 1968 and planted some trees. Roger Pettey

  2. Anonymous9:48 AM

    One of the many fascinating things we can see in these snapshots in time, is there was a substantial employer west of Upper Puerto Vallarta. The parking lot held 80 cars! All gone now. 'Dozed to make room for more homes. I'm curious to know who that was. Were they a victim of the internet revolution? Did their lease run out, and were forced by home developers to relocate? A lot has happened over the years.

    Thanks to Patty for donating, and to Roger for posting.

    -Bill Swagerty

  3. I belive the employer you are referring to was IBM. It may have changed over the years to another company if memory serves me right.
    Of course now it is a Valley Christian Church and school.
    We all planted trees - some good, some bad. I had a 30 year old Modesto Ash fall on my house! But I still have an original grape vine from the old winery in my backyard. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.


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