Friday, August 31, 2007

Past MIA Newsletters Added to the Archives

Here is a list of past newsletters.
July 1999
January 2002
June 2003
July 2003
May 2004
June 2004
September 2004
October 2004
February 2005
June 2005
July 2005
September 2005
February 2006
March 2006
June 2006
August 2006
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December 2006
March 2007
April 2007
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June 2007
July 2007
September 2007
October 2007
November 2007
January 2008
February 2008
May 2008

June 2008
July 2008
September 2008
October 2008
November 2008
January 2009
March 2009
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August 2009
May 2010
January 2011
March 2011
May 2011
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June 2012
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Nov 2012
March 2013
June 2013
July 2013
October 2013
March 2014
May 2014
June 2014
June Board Letter 2014
4th of July Maps 2014
August 2015



  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Hi Robin and other board members,
    Thanks for all the work you do for MIA the newletter looks great! The web site is a great idea. We really appreciate all you do.
    However, don't get burned out, it needs to be enjoyable and fun otherwise it's a chore and you all hate doing it.
    happy halloween from The Bloms.

  2. As for the website, the vision is to have the maintenance and updates be collaborative and community supported. This way the burden doesn't fall on the shoulders of a single individual. It's very easy to have multiple contributors to the website.

    Then, for the newsletter, if most of the content is fed from the website, the task and burden of creating content for the monthly printed publication is lessened. There will still be the chores of design, format and distribution.

    Thanks for your words of appreciation.


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