Thursday, September 13, 2007

Almaden SeniorNet Learning Center

SeniorNet is a national non-profit membership organization, for people age 50 and over, that is dedicated to building a community of computer-using seniors. This is accomplished by sponsoring SeniorNet Learning Centers where courses are offered in computer applications. SeniorNet also offers an Online facility for member communications and information exchange and provides additional help by publishing educational material.

SeniorNet Learning Center of Almaden
The SeniorNet Learning Center of Almaden is located at the Almaden Community Center, 6445 Camden Ave., San Jose, CA. You can reach the Almaden Community Center at (408) 268-1133.
Sixteen IBM compatible computers, plus the instructor's computer are used in a dedicated classroom for instructional and lab use purposes. A large overhead projector connected to the instructor's computer displays the contents of the instructor's monitor so that the student can follow along. When classes are not being taught, members can use the computers and receive some additional help from the Learning Center staff.

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