Friday, January 11, 2008

Neighborhood Watch Overview Meeting a Success!

There was a good showing of neighbors (thank you to all who attended), as well as Councilmember Nancy Pyle and her Communications Director, Eric Crane. Crime Prevention Specialist, Officer Dick Parsons, provided an overview of the Neighborhood Watch program and the details needed to start one in our neighborhood.

Here is how we get started:

  • The MIA board has proposed 18 Neighborhood Watch Blocks.

  • Each block will independently compile as many neighbors as possible and select a Neighborhood Watch Block leader.

  • The NWB Leader will contact the MIA board with their name, phone number and email address as a contact person. An alternate name will be provided if the NWB Leader is unable to attend the meeting.

  • The NWB Leader will join and actively participate in the MIA Neighborhood Watch Google Group.

  • The NWB Leader will coordinate a block meeting with Officer Dirk Parsons at the San Jose Police Department, Crime Prevention Unit. The preferred means of communication and coordination is through the private and secure MIA-Neighborhood-Watch Google Group. Alternatively, Officer Parsons can be contacted at 408-277-4133.

  • If at least 70% of your group participates at the meeting, a “Neighborhood Watch Program” sign will be posted on your street.

  • All neighbors attending will receive a Neighborhood Watch window sticker for their home.

Officer Parsons hosts meetings Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7 pm – 9 pm. The MIA board members are available to assist in the process, if needed, and the Clubhouse will be available free of charge with coffee and treats provided for your meeting.

The meeting will cover the following:

  • Police Districts & Beats

  • Duties of beat officers

  • Crime trends in your area

  • How to recognize and react to suspicious or criminal activity

  • How San Jose's 9-1-1 system works

  • When to call 9-1-1 or 3-1-1 (non emergency)

  • Emergency numbers to call from your cell phone

  • Preventing Home Burglary

  • Home Security Basics with the 3 L’s & vacation tips

  • How to protect your mail and personal identity

  • Vehicle crimes and security

  • Valuable phone numbers and websites

Questions to think about prior to and have answered during the meeting:

  • Is there a police officer patrolling 24hrs a day and how many are patrolling the area where I live?

  • What can I do to help stop my property or identity from being taken?

  • What crimes are being committed around me?

  • If I see suspicious activity who do I call, 911 or 311?

  • How do I safeguard my home and property? How about when I go on vacation?

  • And many, many more...

This is a very important program to continue the race against thieves. Councilmember Nancy Pyle said our “District 10 is the safest in San Jose” so let’s get together and keep it that way. Let's get the signs up, learn basic precautions and join together in this ongoing challenge to protect what is ours. Please contact any MIA Board member with questions.

Our goal is to have the entire Montevideo Neighborhood covered by a Neighborhood Watch Program by the end of 2008.

Feel free to visit the SJPD website for more information. Also, the MIA Neighborhood Watch Google Group is open to all MIA residents.

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