Saturday, May 10, 2008

"40", the 2008 Parade Theme

This year's parade and festivities will be extra special as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 4th of July parade. In honor of the occasion, the parade theme is "40". Residents are encouraged to be creative in their interpretation of the theme.
This year we will also welcome entrants from neighboring communities to participate in the parade.


  1. Boring theme wat do you do?

  2. Anonymous1:59 PM

    If a non-Montevideo resident gets hurt at the pool or parade who is liable? Would you please post the MIA insurance policy conditions for all the Montevideo homeowners to better understand our liabilities and responsibilities? Not for just on July 4th, but year round.

  3. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I would think with a broad theme like "40" one can be very creative. I'm surprised someone thinks this theme is boring.

  4. Anonymous10:31 AM

    40 years ago
    4o years in the future
    last 40 years of:science,tech,sports,women,men
    Happy 40th
    Events of 40 years ago
    Moon landing
    Viet Nam
    Civil rights
    Moviesof 1968
    music of 1968


  5. Elyssa Samson11:14 AM

    Boring Are you serious this theme is amazing everyones float should be amazing!

  6. I agree Elyssa. The ideas so far are great and I expect the parade to be even better!!


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