Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pool Opens May 24, 2008

The Montevideo Pool opens May 24, 2008. The pool will be open weekends only until Monday, June 16 when the pool opens daily. Pool hours are 12pm to 7pm and lifeguards are always on duty. As usual, the last day of pool opening is Labor Day.

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  1. Hi,
    I grew up here and so I have seen the pool all my life and I must say there used to be more rules, and they were posted. It is still the beginning of summer and things seem pretty relaxed. I would like to suggest that we make a short list of rules and post them on the pool grounds. For instance, these used to be some of the big rules
    • The toddler pool was only for toddlers and small children 5 and under.
    • Children could only have their feet in the swimming pool during rest period any thing more and you were benched.
    • Lifeguards could bench kids; I have not seen someone being benched in the past few years.
    • No glass anywhere at the pool. This is means just pour your beverages into plastic.
    • If there were no chairs available, children were expected to give their chair to an adult. They are mostly in the pool and not reclining on their chair.

    If we still have pool rules that is fine, but I do not see them anywhere, so how will a newcomer or a visitor be expected to know the rules.


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