Friday, June 27, 2008

First Annual 4th of July Photography Contest

Here is an opportunity to showcase your incredible photography skills and build a stronger Montevideo Neighborhood community. The MIA is hosting it's first ever photography contest and the topic is "4th of July in Montevideo". Photos must be taken on the 4th of July 2008 with the subject being the neighborhood festivities (parade, picnic, pool, etc).

Contest entries close July 11, 2008. Flickr will be used to host the photographs. The prize is the pride of being known as the best photographer in the Montevideo Neighborhood 2008. Your photograph will be featured in the next newsletter. Voting will take place on the MIA website throughout the month of July and voting will close on July 31st.

Contest Entry Instructions

Step 1
Join Flickr (if you aren't already a member, and join the Montevideo Homeowners Group on Flickr (

Step 2
Upload your photos. Under privacy options, choose public. Tag your photo with "2008 miahomeowners contest"

Step 3
Add your photo to the Montevideo Homeowners Group.

Step 4
Sit back and wait for the judging to begin.

Good luck to all!!


  1. Very Good Idea!

  2. Anonymous10:19 PM

    This is a great idea! I'm so impressed on all the things that the board is doing. Keep up the great work.

  3. Is it true the board is giving out a new car for the winne?? :)

  4. Is it true the board is giving out a new car for the winner?? :)

  5. The Board considered a special assessment of the residents to raise money for a $1,000,000 first prize. After much debate, we all agreed that the pride of being known as the best photographer in Montevideo far outweighed any monetary prize. That said, if anyone wants to donate a new car as a first prize, I'm all ears. Happy 4th everyone!!

  6. Where do we vote? Or how does that work?


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