Sunday, June 29, 2008

July 4th Schedule of Events

7:00 am: “4 on the 4th”Run/Walk Registration
8:00 am: “4 on the 4th”Run/Walk Begins
10:30 am: Parade Assembles on Monteval Lane
11:00 am: National Anthem & Parade Begins
11:30 am: Ticket & Food Sales Begin
Noon: Used Book Sale
Noon - 5:00 pm: Pool and Barbeque Open for Swimming and Games


  1. whos singing this year? and also who is the grand marshalle

  2. James Creer, made famous by his role as Cruella De Vil 3 years ago, is singing the anthem.

    The Grand Marshals this year are the original residents of the Montevideo Neighborhood.

  3. I was down at AVAC and saw flyers for our 4th celebrations. Why are we advertising? The pool is paced to capacity every year already. Why are we opening this up to everyone? I thought this is a community event, meaning MIA residents and their friends and family. How big are we going to let this event get? Please post your answer.

  4. tlombardo10:49 AM

    The board knows nothing about any flyers.The BBQ is an MIA event,the parade open but we don't advertise.The parade has been advertised in the past as a fun
    4th parade to see.This flyer must be from a random person.I'll check it out.

  5. Thanks for the clarification. The AVAC flyer does only mention the parade. I guess the AVAC employee is also a prowd MIA resident. See you all on the 4th.


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