Friday, June 13, 2008

Parade Float Themes

These are the parade float themes to date:

1. Monteverde, "Alibaba and the 40 thieves"
2. Montalban, "Noah's Ark"
3. Monteval Lane, "Top 40"
4. Montellano, "40 Birthday theme"
5. Upper Puerto Vallarta, "Woodstock"
6. Southern Puerto Vallarta, "40th Anniversary of McDonalds Big Mac"
7. Oak Canyon (Foreign Entry), "40 Winks under the Oak Tree"


  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Who Decided Montevals Float? Can i Please Be Told?

  2. T.Lombardo3:59 PM

    I was contacted by Lisa Nunez on 5/29/08.Contact persons to be Lisa Nunez or Laura and Chris Taylor.

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    OK thank you do u believe you could ask them to put a flyer out to Monteval ln. ct. and coleman

  4. tlombardo12:42 PM

    Sure,I'll tell them.

  5. Hello Neighbors,
    We still need books for the MIA Book Sale on July 4. Please remember to spring clean you bookshelves! So far very few children’s books have been donated. Come on now, I know you guys have your old Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Black Beauty series you’re not going to read them again. Don’t forget we need our teenagers to read during the summer, so clean out your kids rooms. Please, feel free to drop them by 1602 Puerto Vallarta Dr. any time; just leave them on the doorstep if nobody is home. Thanks for all the help. Also the sign up sheet for volunteering on the 4th is posted inside the pool entrance. There are still a lot of blanks. See you there. Jane

  6. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Hey Tony,

    Fourth of july is around the corner and no one has told us about anything here on monteval. are we actually doing one or what?


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