Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July 2008, Parade Results

Click on the image above to see the PDF version. For those interested in how the judges score the entries, click here for the official judging form.


  1. Anonymous8:51 PM

    How about posting the judges sheets to see how the scoring was done? It helps to know what they are looking for.


  2. I've posted the official judging form for everyone to see how the entries were scored. Also, a copy was provided to each entry in advance.

  3. Montalban #13:41 PM

    How come last year not everyone got an award but this year evryone did? did someone comlain? and why did we accept foreign streets? Jus Wondering

  4. Last year was an oversight on the MIA Board's part, and traditionally, every entry receives an award. The Board received complaints on this after last year's parade.

    First and foremost, this is a fun event and not meant to be a serious competition. That said, a little rivalry between the streets does add to the fun.

    Regarding "foreign streets". The Montevideo Neighborhood is always looking to improve the quality, community spirit and fun at the 4th of July parade. In the past, there have been non-MIA entries and they have always been openly welcomed. There are no streets in Montevideo that are excluded as a result of having non-MIA entries.

  5. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Thank you for that information. I apreciate the quick response and i didnt mean for it to come out like its not a fun thing im sorry i made it seem like its a serious competition. All floats are wonderful every year! congrats to everyone!!!!

  6. Well said anonymous, and, I second the congrats to all who participated!

  7. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I noticed the rules indicated NO Squirting Water at the viewers. I believe floats should be disqualified in the future if they disregard this admonishment. I noted that a couple of the top-scoring floats squirted water - this is contradictory to the spirit of the event.

  8. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I agreee to what was said here there are rules that should be followed.

  9. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Did they squirt water at the viewers, or, did they squirt water on themselves?

  10. Anonymous8:35 AM


  11. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I think some people ask for water to be squirted. Isn't the parade for having fun? Seems like some people forget that. The parade is for kids, I mean come on. If there were no kids, it probably wouldn't happen. Why don't you want to get wet? It's just water for heavens sake. Life is too short not to have fun!


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