Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Disneyland: 2009 4th of July Parade Theme

Montevideo residents have voted and the results are in. It was close, and in the end the early front runner emerged victorious. Your 2009 4th of July parade theme is "Disneyland". Alright neighbors...put on your most creative thinking caps and rally your families and friends to make this year's parade another rousing success!


  1. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Who do we tell for our float...

  2. You can send your float theme to


  3. Tony Lombardo9:41 AM

    Call Tony Lombardo to log your street theme.
    408 927-0520

  4. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Ok, Can we reserve 3 ideas, that no one will really use? like no one woud honestly think of them

  5. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Hey guys im just wondering why the pool wasnt open when it said it would be??? this past weekend. cuz i find it funny that the swi team put on cover then the following weekend the covers are off but the pools not open to the public just selected guest. it wasnt a aprty more like a social agthering for someone on theboard. doesnt seem right.,

  6. Not sure why a pool comment is in the Parade Theme post, but nonetheless, until the lifeguards start at the end of May, the pool cannot be open to the Montevideo residents.

    The swim team hires their own coaches/lifeguards which are provided for their practices. There was no party for board members as this comment suggests.

  7. It never said anything about being open. Where did you hear that from? So excited for fourth of July!

  8. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Have the following been taken?

    Splash MOuntain
    Peter Pan
    Jungle Cruise
    Haunted MAnsion
    Alice In Wonderland


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