Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Parade Judging Category, "Crowd Favorite"

The MIA is adding a new category to the judging in this year’s parade, crowd favorite. Voting will take place just like American Idol where you will text your vote to 99503 with the keyword FLOAT and the number you are voting for. For example, to vote for float number 3, text “FLOAT 3” to 99503. The voting will open after the last float passes the judging table for the second time. Each float will have its number prominently displayed.

In addition, you can Tweet your favorite float to Twitter by including "@Poll FLOAT" and the your favorite float in the tweet. For example, to vote for float number 3, tweet "@Poll FLOAT 3".

The polls will be open until midnight on July 4th, 2009, with the winner being announced on the MIA website and the next newsletter.

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