Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Board Meeting News
We would like to thank our outgoing Board Members
for a job well done. We have accomplished so much
over the past few years with Robert Lacis as Vice
President and Robin Holm as Secretary. Robin has also
been in charge of our wonderful newsletters since she
joined the Board. We always look forward to reading
the upcoming events and news of our community in
the beautiful format she has created. Thank you so
much to both of you! We would also like to welcome
our newest Board Member, Barrett Scott, as the new
Vice President. We are looking forward to working with
him in our ongoing efforts to keep our neighborhood
and community special. We are still looking for someone
to fill the Secretary position. This position means
attending the MIA meetings (about 10 per year) and
take the notes/minutes for the Association. We also are
looking for someone to do the MIA Newsletter for us.
This can be the Secretary, but it does not have to be.
These can be two different people. The Secretary sits
on the Board and has a vote on issues, but the newsletter
person can just be someone that enjoys creating
the newsletter from the information given to them by
the Board. We have people in place that distribute all
the newsletters to the neighborhood, so creating and
copying the newsletter is all it entails.
The MIA pool was resurfaced during the off season.
Allen's Pools replaced the pool bottom by resurfacing
with fiberglass. The jets and depth tiles were replaced
and the pool tiles were renovated. These repairs were
needed to upgrade our aging pool. This should provide
our homeowners years of enjoyment.
The MIA board has approved Valley Concrete to
repair the sidewalks surrounding the pool and clubhouse.
They need repair and replacement due to
roots which are causing tripping hazards. The work
should be completed in May.