Thursday, July 01, 2010

1. Every float must have a 2A10BC fire extinguisher on board.
2. Place these numbered cards on your float (one on the front and one
on the back). The judges do not live in our neighborhood and don’t
know the names of our streets. The numbered cards show them who
you are and when your float begins and ends. They do not indicate
where your are in the parade.
3. Due to the SJPD request to speed up the parade, there will be NO
unnecessary stopping during the Parade route. If you stop in front of
the judges or delay the parade, your float will be disqualified from the
float competition. Any skits or float actions must be performed safely
while the float is moving and not cause delays for floats behind you.
4. Parade procession: 1.Grand Marshal 2.Classic Cars 3.Boy Scouts
4.Floats 5.Fire Truck
5. Please respect our spectators. No spraying of water during the parade.
6. Have Fun!
Montevideo Board Members and Residents sincerely
Thank You for your participation in making 4th of July a memorable
event for our community!
Parade Route
Starts & Ends at MIA Clubhouse
1585 Monteval Lane
Please remove vehicles along the Parade Route

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