Thursday, July 05, 2012

2012 Fourth of July Parade and Race Results

Thanks and congratulations again to all the float builders, runners,bar-b-quers, swimmers, and good neighbors who made 2012 4th of July another wonderful experience in Montevideo.

We had ten floats in the parade, a high for recent years. Thank you.
Placement awards were:
  • First Place: Montalban Drive – Olympics
  • Second Place: De Palma – Angry Birds
  • Third Place: Montellano – Paintball
  • Fourth Place: Los Rois – Baseball
Category Awards were:
  • Best Adaptation of Theme : Lower Puerta Vallarta - Candyland
  • Most Entertaining: Monteverde Driver – Twister
  • Most Original: Swim Team – Montevideo’s Missing Pieces
  • Most Enthusiastic: Montelegre Drive – Suduko
  • Most Creative: Upper Puerta Vallarta – Scrabble
  • We Decided to Play Award:  – Drinking Games

Montalban Drive -- Olympics

Lower Puerta Vallarta - Candyland

Montellano – Paintball

Montelegre Drive – Suduko

Monteverde Driver – Twister

For the 4 on the 4th race, held earlier in the day, we had over 140 entrants. The overall top three finishers were:
  1. 1st place: Eric Diaz, 23:25
  2. 2nd place: Jean Harris, 24:17
  3. 3rd place: Tom Gardin, 24:39
Full race results are available by clicking on "4 on the 4th Results" on the right sidebar.  Congratulations to all.

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