Tuesday, July 01, 2014

1585 Reimagined Status Update #2

Hello Montevideo Homeowners -
Here is the link to the 2nd Status Update from the Reimagined Committee which is also being delivered to residents doorstep in hard copy.  We have seen many questions posed via Nextdoor that have not yet been addressed by the Committee. This is a large effort that demands investigation on many fronts, we are working to gather as much information as we can and present it clearly. The Committee will continue to use monthly Status Updates and the new website to communicate and answer questions consistently for all homeowners. 
Since the last Status Update generated a large response, we would like to remind Homeowners that any proposal which would require the raising of any significant funds from members will require an approval vote by the Homeowners.  Many of the reactions and comments we have received are based on the concern that a significant assessment could be levied without Homeowners' approval. This is not true.  We urge each Member to clearly understand you have the power of your vote.   Now is the time to ask clarifying questions to understand the information provided so that if you, the Homeowners, are asked to vote in the future, you can make a well informed decision on the value of the proposal in front of you.
Thank you for your attention and we look forward to seeing you at the 4th of July!
The 1585 Reimagined Committee

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