Saturday, October 25, 2014

MIA Election Rules and Board Vision

The following letter and content was mailed to all MIA Homeowners on October 22, 2014 and should be arriving in your mail box shortly.  The mailing of the Election Rules is required by the Davis-Stirling Act following their adoption by the Board at the last meeting. 

Dear Montevideo Homeowner –
            At the October 8th MIA Board Meeting the MIA Board approved the Election Rules for any future elections of the Montevideo Improvement Association.  These rules will be followed to assure we have quality elections on any pending issues.

            Additionally, there has been much energy put into creating plans for the future of MIA and we continue to have debate on the appropriate path for the future.  To help the community better understand the vision the MIA Board is pursuing, we have included the attached letter detailing our goals.         

Lastly, we expect the next few months to be exciting times for Montevideo.  In the next few Board meetings, the MIA Board will review and decide whether or not to present the Master Plan to the Montevideo Community for a Member vote.  Those Board meetings are anticipated to take place November 12 and December 3.  If the Board decides to present the plan to the Members for a vote, the vote will take place approximately near the end of December and first half of January.  We will post more information about the Board meetings as they are scheduled at
              Thank you for your continued support of our incredible community.

Barrett, Mark, Tony, Tully, and Wayne
The Montevideo Improvement Association Board of Directors

Approved Copy of Election Rules
Board Vision Letter
Board Vision Illustration

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