Friday, January 16, 2015

MIA Board Elections Coming Soon

Montevideo, we hope you have all voted regarding the Pool Facility Master Plan Project / Special Assessment.

Did you know there is another vote coming up?  This one is to elect MIA Board members.  This happens every year.  There are five positions on the Board, and if there are only five candidates, then by law, we are not required to go to the expense of a mail in / secret ballot vote.  That's what usually happens, so the annual election is normally pretty low-key.

But this year, with the interest in the clubhouse and pool maintenance / upgrades, and the different approaches for doing those, the Board is expecting more than five candidates to run.  So we are expecting to have another mail-in vote pretty soon.  

Nominations for Board members are now being accepted.  If you would like to work for the good of Montevideo, or know someone who would, you are welcome to nominate them (or yourself) as a candidate.  Send their/your name to  If you are nominating someone else, please send their contact information as well (email address) so we can confirm with them that they are willing to serve.

In terms of a schedule, the Board has not set a specific date for the election or for the close of nominations, but we expect nominations will be open at least until the MIA Annual Meeting on January 28.


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