Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nominations are in for candidates for the 2015 MIA Board of Directors

The following have been nominated for the MIA Board of Directors for 2015: 

Richard Robertson
Jeremy Werner
Todd Osborn
David Cairns
Lilian Halem
Barrett Scott
Kerry Haywood
Kate Eldridge
Lisa Neitzel
Don Whiting

You (MIA homeowners) should receive your election material in the mail in less than two weeks, including ballots, voting instructions, return envelopes, and statements from the candidates (for those candidates that submit them). Your vote must be received (not just mailed or postmarked, but received) by March 10, 2015 to count.

Note that this is a cumulative election --  you get five votes, and you can spread them among the candidates any way you want, including giving a candidate more than one vote.

Read the candidate statements and vote!

Ballots will be counted at an open meeting at the clubhouse on March 11.  Thank you, candidates, and we wish the new Board a productive and successful term.

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