Saturday, April 11, 2015

Agenda for April 14, 2015 Board meeting

Agenda for April 14, 2015 Board meeting
Tour of facility @ 7:00/Storage areas
Meeting start 7:30
Community Open Discussion 30 minutes
  1. Public and Private usage of community property     Todd
  2. Rental Agreement and Fees                                     Todd
  3. 4th of July                                                                   Todd
  4. Electronic data management                                     Lilly
  5. Web site update??/MIAWiki/Google docs                 Rich
  6. Pool hours discussion                                                Barrett
  7. Contact List consolidate                                            Todd
  8. Communication plan update                                      Don
  9. Voting Rules change discussion                                Rich
  10. ADA/Termite inspection updated /Roof                     Todd
  11. Water use update                                                      Rich
  12. Ethics discussion                                                       Lilly
  13. BOD Committee management                                  Lilly
  14. Locks/Gates/Security at common area                     Rich
  15. Volunteer status update                                            Lilly  Barrett

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