Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 9, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes APPROVED

2-9-16 meeting minutes. DRAFT (not yet accepted)
Minutes Approved April 5, 2016

25 attendance
Todd, Rich and Barrett in attendance.

Brief discussion with swim team pres and she came up to meet us and is aminable to discussion of roles. Tim is also aminable to discussion.

Todd to set up meeting with swim team.

No comments during 30 minute comment period.

Approve meeting minutes from December.. (internet problems prevented posting).

Discussed comments and corrected. Blog comments will go to new secretary.

Should we respond on blog individually, appoint someone, explained rules about BOD not making individual decisions, further business. We will discuss at March meeting.

Feb. Exec session minutes need to be maintained. Who took minutes?

All 3 months minutes approved by board.

Discussed alcohol policy.

 First para..letter and spirit versus purpose. Todd discussed and left it at letter and spirit. Leave as diligent action, 6th bullet….consumed by leave? Can’t stop consumption. Take out consumed by.  Bullet #9 change from 1 hour to 30 minutes. Leave at 1 hour and change clubhouse policy to end at 11? Rewrite last bullet to cover no drinking and driving. Members are responsible for attendees at their event to insure they don’t drink and drive. Accepted alcohol policy.
Clubhouse policy with Hillmans edits…Hold document until we edit event insurance triggers.
Adopt Lily’s language regarding party conclusion time, define common facility to Community facility or remove common facility and use clubhouse, pool , pool bbq and grounds. Todd to rewrite and edit appropriate areas. 11b remove the word active? 8 add in “noise outside of facility after 10:00PM shall be no louder than a normal conversation”

Pool rules: Rich send to Hillman with proposed way to distribute. Rich, get prices to copy and cost of envelopes.

Swim Team.. notice in newsletter. Swim Team sec will send (Stephanie).

Laura agreed to meet again when swim team came up on the agenda.

Question after close of meeting. What type of insurances do we have?  Barrett explained the issues with alcohol and changing insurance spectrum.

We’re still working the issues. Todd gave further explanation regarding risks and costs. Discussed host responsibilities and other like facilities would do the same.
Megan Blitzer commented about need to understand final rules as it applies to Guadalupe 5th grade swim event at our pool. We replied that is included in the entire package we are working and would give her plenty of notice. She also stated that the GH&SC found another site for their Gala.

Question. Who reviews insurance, some insurance companies would give wrong info or poor policies.
Need to change CC&Rs and by laws.
Todd, we can hire consultant to check insurance. We can write and scope to clarify. Action. Talk to Dave regarding statement of work. (SOW). Barrett asked Dave to look at MIA paying for higher third party insurance instead of homeowners.

HOA liability regarding alcohol is small and mentioned website regarding social host requirements. Why isn’t it part of our policy?  Barrett discussed his understanding. Underwriter couldn’t scope risk so would not underwrite.
Todd, insurance coming up for renewal so we will go out to bid. Todd/Barrett will get together to get clarity on insurance.
Brian Taylor noted we never respond to emails but he’s never sent one. We responded:  all emails are answered and we have proof.
Dimitri. MIA can donate facility without any questions asked. In CC&Rs   Article 3 section 3. Ask Hillman how it can be used.
June 7th is the 5th grade swim event.
Asked people to email us. Got some communication on the subject. Brian ?
Adjourned 9:08pm

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