Saturday, February 27, 2016

Approved February 25, 2016 Executive Session Minutes

Thursday, February 25, 2016 Executive Session Minutes DRAFT ONLY

Meeting commenced at 7:30 p.m. at the MIA Clubhouse.

In attendance:

Lily Halem
Rich Robertson
Todd Osborn
Vicki Saenz

Rich moved to accept Vicki Saenz as a board member.
Lily seconded the motion.
All members accepted.

Vicki Saenz is our newest member of the board.
Vicki’s phone number is (408) 396-6870
Vicki’s email is

Appointment to positions was discussed, as well as the scope of the treasurer position.  We agreed that the treasurer position was too big for any one person, and we will divide out responsibilities.

Vicki agreed to serve as treasurer.
Lily agreed to serve as secretary.
Todd agreed to serve as vice president.
Rich will continue to serve as president.
Don will continue to serve as member at large.

Todd submitted a Task List that we had worked on at a prior time.  We will revisit the list of tasks and re-assign tasks at our March 1 meeting.

Todd and Lily reported about their first meeting with swim team members on February 24, 2016:
Laura Taylor
Kerry Smith and
Steffen Hagene

At swim team/ MIA meeting Todd proposed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and both boards are looking at it to add, subtract, propose changes.  This will also be discussed at March 1 meeting.  We discussed, especially, times the pool is used by the swim team, and ways we can maximize pool use during the other times, work on schedule to maximize pool use.

Pool Issues:

Rich has a list of repairs to do before the pool opens for the 2016 season, will be discussed at March meeting

Discussed the possibility of having swim lessons for residents.
Vicki said in the past they required WSI (water safety instruction certification) of swim teachers.
Todd asked if we could pay for lifeguards to get WSI training to become swim instructors, and then contract for a certain amount of time teaching at MIA pool.

Discussed adult swim - can we put a survey to determine interest?  

Can we get Jessie or other lifeguards to do Master Swim again?

Could adults swim at the same time the older swim team members practice?

Proposal to open the pool during weekends starting in May, and publicize, since pool is being heated, treated because swim team uses it starting in May.  See if we can get lifeguards.

Pool issues to be discussed at March 1 meeting as well.

Discussion of unpaid dues and when we will send second notice.

The meeting concluded at 8:15.

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