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Approved MINUTES for March 1 2016 Board Meeting


Board Meeting 3/1/16
Meeting began at 7:35

There were approximately 10 members in attendance; all board members were in attendance.


Eve Ann Osborn presented a proposal:
On Wednesday mornings in April a watercolor and sketch club, everyone to bring own supplies, Eve Ann will bring subject for drawing.
Each of the Wednesdays in April – so try it 4 times
Rich moved to approve the program
Lily seconded, all in favor.  The proposal was approved.
Lily will post to newsletter.

Mary Norton:
1.        Because the pool price is going up, she proposed and gave us sample of coupons, so people can buy a book of 10, and she’ll send us a pdf.
2.        Also suggest we post a sign with all of the pool hours and a board meeting meeting times sign; post up where the members only sign is already.


Welcome to Vicki: she said Peggy took over the pool 18 years ago, from Vicki.
Vicki’s history: she was on the board with Rich in 90s
She’s a small business owner.
Used to manage pool and clubhouse.
She has agreed to serve as treasurer, a position for which she is very qualified.
Lily has agreed to serve as secretary
Rich will continue as president
Todd will serve as vice president
Don will continue to be Don (as member at large).
We thank Barrett Scott for his many years of hard work and dedicated service to the MIA board, and he will be missed. 

Sharon Mattson volunteered her skills.  We discussed possible ways she could help:
1.           Recommendations for accessibility for members with mobility hardships;
2            To do a post for newsletter about an interesting or original owner or family;
3.           She’ll help with organizing new neighbor brunch.
We thank Vicki and Sharon for stepping up to help our neighborhood with time, ideas and skills.  There are many positions for volunteers, please contact Lily at if you want to help.  We are open to ideas.

Talked about opening in May – for Saturday and Sunday and Lifeguard permitting.
Todd “the weatherman” Osborn suggested that we list as tentative for the first two weeks of May, check the website for further news:
Peg Suggested 12 to 5 hours– or until last group leaves, whichever is earlier, because it gets cold after 5.
Rich suggested a laptop for the pool to keep track of members and guests, as the first step in building a security system.
We also had a suggestion about opening the upper area on Sundays when the pool is open – we would open that once school ends.   We will see how much it is used and this will be a trial period.  If it is successful we can consider Saturdays as well.
We will block out Sundays during the summer for rentals so upper lawn can be open, except for 2 Sundays it is already rented.
Q: are we going to have security cameras?  If I were a kid, I would go behind poolhouse.  A: not planned at this time, but we are discussing other security ideas.  Mostly teenagers don’t come by themselves.
We also are discussing having a ping pong table behind the poolhouse area.
We will plan to keep pool open on weekends through the end of September.
Can we do an adult swim?/ Master swim for adults?  Please contact Lily at if you would be interested in adult swim time, she is trying to figure out how much interest we have and when/ how to schedule it.
In the past adult swim was paid for by swim team, direct payment from swimmers, - let’s pay for it, Jessie is willing to do it, advertise it in newsletter and website – ask swim team if they will co-sponsor cost.  Swim time will have to be early, probably 6 am to 6:45, or whenever swim team starts.

Can we do swim lessons?  Lifeguards are not really up for it, but Peg refers inquiries to Jessie and other lifeguards, who teach in private pools.

Landscape tour and remodel tour of houses in the neighborhood.
We used to do this, is anyone willing to volunteer and organize?

It is member sponsored.
What about the insurance? Todd talked to the insurance people.  If there is an exclusive use event, especially if alcohol served, the member with exclusive use needs additional insurance.
But if it’s an event like 5th grade, where the kids are guests of a member, and we have our employees supervising we do have some control, and so that would be covered by insurance, and no additional insurance required.
When the BelGatos pool hosts they require each child have a release of liability.
It’s treated like a field trip: no siblings, only chaperones, limited number of parents, go with teachers.
So we should get release of liability for each child, but otherwise it should be covered.

Todd reported on the policy we chose, and how we decided on it.  His write-up will be attached as a separate doc.
All of our insurance policies come up for renewal every year at the end of February.
Our insurance person asked for our updated policy, because we have a couple houses closing soon and we need it for the disclosure packet.
Todd asked if we would get a significant deduction if we got rid of the diving platform, our agent thought it would not be worth it to get rid of it.  It’s more of a barrier to insurance, not much of an increased cost – at most it would save $500- $1000.

Q: when do we need event insurance:
Not for BBQ area, because lifeguards (so we have some control and influence), and not really exclusive use.
But yes for all private parties at the clubhouse, because board has no control or influence, and really is exclusive use.

Discussion of possible line items; (Rich has an attachment to post in separate doc of possible items and costs)
Request for a committee to assess interest and make recommendations.
408-209-4772 – is willing to be on the committee – said he’d like to see the bathrooms (at poolhouse) get done.
Improvements are separate from repairs – come from a different part of budget. 

List of things we would like to/ need to do before pool opens: Rich has a list.
Brian Taylor asked: will the handyman do some of this?  Yes, but we have a limited budget:
Rich will send me the list to attach as a separate document.

Highlighted items need to be done before beginning of May.
The rest before it gets too hot or further damage incurred.
We need to be looking for new plastic chairs for the pool:
Peg will send us an inventory: to be approved at April meeting
BBQ, Chairs, Umbrellas with double air vent – suggest Costco 9 ft.
We will have a Sunday work day:
We need a clap board sign to announce events to neighborhood.  Does anyone have one they can donate?  Anyone willing to build one?  This would be outside clubhouse on the corner.

The meeting ended at 8:45.

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