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April 5, 2016 Board Meeting Notes APPROVED MAY 3 2016


Minutes Approved May 3, 2016.

Board meeting April 5, 2016

Meeting commenced at 7:38

5 members of the community present

Member comment:


Past minutes:

Rich moved to accept March minutes, Lily seconded, all approved.

Lily moved to approve January and February minutes, Todd seconded, all approved.

HOA document coordinator:

Lily moved to approve Julie Moore as HOA document coordinator, Todd seconded, all approved.

Maintenance of pool and clubhouse volunteer cleanup day to prepare pool for summer season:

Looking at 2 hours
Dates discussed:
April 24 – Todd and Lily gone, Don here,
May 1 – Todd and Lily gone, Don here: Lily moved to have May, 1 be our work day, Rich seconded, all in favor.
-Can swim team come help?  Lily to send message to Laura asking her.
Items for Work day:
  • ·       Paint umbrella stands
  • ·       paint table legs (spray paint)
  • ·       Clear area behind pool house
  • ·       little landscape stuff – mulch spreading in parking strip
  • ·       Jessie S will clean out roof gutters
  • ·       Peel wallpaper in kitchen and repaint the two walls.

Items needed for open pool season

Rich: motion to buy ping pong table and BBQ.  Roughly $250 each.  Rich will request Peggy research and make purchase.  Lily seconded, all approve.

Pool furniture needs replacing.
Proposal to buy a higher quality than resin chairs.  Looking at vinyl and steal instead, like the chase lounges, but chairs rather than lounges. (Last longer)  Budget is $4,000 for chairs.
Umbrellas budget: We need Peg to tell us how many she needs, but budget tentatively $500 for umbrellas.

Chairs and umbrellas budget: Lily moved, Rich seconded, all in favor.

Other maintenance:

Todd asked if we are going to try to tent the building this year.  Yes, but we are going to wait until after the swim season. 

Neighborhood news/ concerns:

Julie Moore reported an incident on Los Rios – Terminix tented, and the house was robbed. 
Also on Los Rios, a termite tent blew off in the wind, and car and house items stolen. 
Don reported that a neighbor on Montelegre near Monteverde – someone broke in twice and didn’t take anything. 

Quick and Easy Improvements:

Proposal to remove wallpaper and paint the kitchen walls to make it look a little nicer.  Budget $150 for paint, and possibly a wallpaper steamer, and add it to our work day projects. 

Also install grab bars in the bathroom – let’s do ADA compliant if we can make them fit. (Need 24”?) Sharon bought and brought 18 inch bars, which we will use if the ADA compliant ones don’t fit.

Juan Cisneros is now on payroll; Peggy is taking care of paperwork.

Distribution of New Pool Rules did not go out on April 1.  Eve Ann will change due date to May 15, and we will get the letter out by April 15. 

We need a volunteer to distribute newsletters and other documents to Guadalajara.  If you can do it, please contact Eve Ann Osborn at Vice President Todd Osborn's number. Thanks!

Computers for Pool and Treasurer records/ Website Fixing/ Treasurer Job

Discussion of the treasurer job – it takes a lot of hours, more than Vicki or Todd can do.  Todd put together a spreadsheet of duties. 

Todd thinks we urgently need help getting the blog fixed, every link is broken.  We don’t have a host set up to hold all the files.  At a minimum we need a different Google drive to hold archives. 
Vicki will see if her son can help with it,
Lily will ask Dan to see if he can help. 
Todd will ask a friend.
John Razer will help with financials after Tax season.  If that is not enough, we need to reconsider paying for outside help.

Rich made a motion to buy a chrome book for pool use; Lily to purchase.  Vicki seconded.  Everyone said yes.

July 4:

Let’s just simplify to burgers and hotdogs, or maybe just hotdogs, chips, soda, water
Ask swim team if they’ll do sno-cones and bake sale and dessert for fundraiser.
Is swim team willing to do a 4th fundraiser and do all the food, dessert,
MIA will do permits, beer.

Rich made a proposal for shifting focus of parade to more of a thing where kids dress up, ride bikes or walk in the parade, and have floats be optional so that it's easier for smaller streets to participate.  He also suggested that we select kids from each block to be parade judges.  Rich's ideas will be posted as a separate document. 

Swim Team:

Todd will ask swim team where we are with proposed MOU.

Pool Opening for Season:

We will open weekends in May if Peg can get lifeguards and the weather is nice.  Please check back for updates about pool opening date as May approaches. 

Other neighborhood events:

Wednesday mornings in April at 9:30 to 12, come by, bring art supplies. 

Improvement committee:

Brian Taylor wants to come look at site – perhaps this weekend?  Todd will respond to him and arrange a time to meet.

Meeting adjourned at 9:07 p.m.

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