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Proposed Pool Policies for MIA Member Comment

Please Note:  This notice was intended to be delivered on April 1, but due to Spring Break, delivery was delayed.  You should receive notice by April 15, with the comment period lasting to May 15.

April 1, 2016

Re: Notice of Proposed Pool Rules and Policies Changes for Open Comment

Dear Montevideo Improvement Association #1 Member:

Attached is a proposed Pool Policy for member review and comment.  The purpose and effect of this Pool Policy is to provide for a safe, secure and enjoyable pool area for the Montevideo Improvement Association #1 (“MIA”) and to address issues that have arisen since pool rules were last updated. The comment period starts April 1, 2016 and ends May 1, 2016.

Please refer to the line number in the attached document on all comments that you make, so that we will know what part you are discussing.

You may email your comments to the Board at, drop your comments off at the clubhouse mail slot located on the right hand side of the entry doors or mail your comments to: MIA Board, 1585 Monteval Ln, San Jose, CA 95120.

Your comments will be reviewed by the MIA Board of Directors and appropriate changes will be incorporated.   A final version of the Pool Policy will be adopted by the MIA Board at a duly noticed meeting.  Thereafter, the Pool Policy will be delivered to all members via general notice, posted on the MIA Home page and on the pool entry gate.
Thank you for your participation to help make our pool and pool area safe and enjoyable for all.

Also, are you already signed up to receive notices of updated postings on our MIA Blog?  Please add your name, it’s easy!  Go to and add your email in the box on the top right hand side.  If you have trouble, please send Lily Halem an email at telling her your email address and name and she will add you to the blog list.  

All the best,
Lily Halem, Secretary,  
MIA Board of Directors


Entry Rules:

  1. All members must sign in upon entry.

  1. Each resident household may bring up to 5 guests without notice to pool management.

  1. Guests prices will increase to $3 per guest as of May 1, 2016.

  1. Guests will sign a release upon entry to the pool, acknowledging understanding of the rules.

  1. Guests of Montevideo members must be accompanied by his or her Montevideo host at all times.  Babysitters/ child care providers of children of Montevideo residents shall be an exception to this rule, but must make arrangements with the pool manager ahead of time.

  1. If a resident household wishes to bring 6 or more guests, at least 3 days notice to the pool manager is required, so she/he is able to hire lifeguards to ensure the safety of all residents.  If a household brings 6 or more guests, it is considered an “event” and the price of the event (without reservation of the barbeque area) is $20 for the first 6 guests, and $3 for each additional guest, up to 15 guests per household.  For 16 or more guests, the barbeque area must be reserved.

Use of the Pool and Barbeque Areas:

  1. The cost to reserve the BBQ area will increase to $75 per rental starting May 1, 2016.

  1. Reservation of the BBQ area will be for parties of up to 30 people.

  1. The pool area can accommodate up to 3 events per day, depending on the parties’ size, (One barbeque event of up to 30 people and two parties of up to 15 guests,) at the discretion of the pool manager.

  1. The wading pool is reserved for individuals 6 years old or younger, and is open to all residents and their guests, even when the BBQ area is reserved.

  1. Children who are not potty trained must wear swim diapers.

MIA Pool Toys and Flotation Device Policy:

  1. The use of pool toys and flotation devices will be left to the sole discretion of the lifeguards who will consider the number of users in the pool, behavior of toy users and overall safety and enjoyment of facility users when deciding if a toy will be allowed at that time.  If you have a question, ask the lifeguard.  If the lifeguard requests you not use a toy, please remove it from the pool immediately.

Deep Water and Safe Swimmer Policy:

  1. Deep End Use Policy: To ensure safe pool use, any person in the pool’s deep end may be requested by the lifeguard to pass a deep end safety test (pursuant to the red cross guidelines) at any time.  Individuals who do not pass a deep end safety test must stay in the area of the pool where they can stand with their head above the water.  

  1. Children who have not passed the deep end test will not be in the water unless accompanied by an adult within arm’s reach at all times.  Floating devices are not a substitute for adult supervision.

  1. Unsupervised children may be excluded from the water at the discretion of the lifeguards
  1. Arm wings and other flotation devices are never allowed on the diving platform, unless individual permission is received by the lifeguard on duty.    

  1. All guests and residents under the age of 12, or older at the discretion of lifeguards must be accompanied by an adult while on the pool and clubhouse ground.  Adult residents are responsible for the behavior of children and guests under their supervision.  

  1. If a lifeguard comes in after a struggling swimmer, the swimmer will be kept out of the pool until after the next adult swim to rest.

  1. Kickboards are never allowed on the diving board or under the diving board.

  1. Diving is only allowed from the diving platform.

Pool Rule Enforcement Policy & Enforcement Procedures:

  1. Pool rules will be listed clearly at the front gate of the pool.  Residents are responsible for knowing / understanding the rules prior to using the pool.  Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests as well, including making sure that guests understand and follow the rules.

  1. Guests shall sign a waiver and rule sheet upon entry.

  1. All guests and residents under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult while on the pool and clubhouse grounds.  Adult residents are responsible for the behavior of children and guests under their supervision.  

  1. Lifeguards will give guests and residents a warning if they observe violations of the rules.  Lifeguards will take the names of guests and accompanying residents upon warning.

  1. Repeated violations of the rules may result in guests and residents being asked to leave the pool.  If the guest or resident does not comply with instructions, the Lifeguard may clear of all swimmers from the pool until the persons who have been asked to leave are off the property, close the property, and/or call the police upon the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.  

  1. Residents and guests who do not cooperate with lifeguard directions and warnings will be referred to the board for review.  Guests who are asked to leave will not be allowed back into the facilities for a period of one year.  Lifeguards will keep a list of personas non-grata. Residents who bring guests who violate the rules, or do not observe the rules themselves may be subject to temporary or permanent exclusion from the pool and clubhouse ground. Enforcement will be at the discretion of the board.  

Adult swim:

  1. All swimmers under the age of 16 must get all the way out of the pool (including steps) during the last 15 minutes of every hour.

  1. Children under the age of 24 months may remain in the pool with an adult.

  1. Persons over the age of 16 are considered adults for the purposes of adult swim, and may supervise children (as babysitters, etc.)

  1. Children under 6 only may use the wading pool during adult swim, but must be supervised by an adult.  No lifeguards are on duty at the wading pool. Toddlers must be potty trained or wear swim diapers when using the wading pool.

Food, Drink, Litter, chairs, shade etc.:

  1. Glass is not allowed anywhere in the pool area.

  1. Food and drink are not allowed in the water.

  1. Please make sure all trash, crumbs, etc. get to the trash or recycling before you leave the pool area.  It is not the lifeguards’ job to clean up after residents.

  1. No running in the pool area on the concrete or where members are sitting. 

  1. Please do not move the temporary shade structures.  Please leave tents staked to the ground.  This is an important safety issue, as unstaked tents have been blown over by the wind, endangering people using the pool, and damaging the shade structures.  

Miscellaneous/ General:

  1. Residents are welcome to use the barbeque area during times the area is not reserved.  Check with lifeguards about timing if you want to use the area.

  1. Please let the lifeguards or the pool manager know if there is something you are concerned about.  If it is a larger issue, please bring your concern to the board.  

  1. At the discretion of the pool manager, the pool manager will establish a “phone tree” detailing whom and how the lifeguards and other residents should call/ contact in the event of a problem if the pool manager is not available.

  1. These pool policies shall be included in the welcome packet for new residents.

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