Tuesday, May 10, 2016

DRAFT MIA Board Meeting Notes May 3, 2016

MIA Board Meeting 5/3/16
Board Members:
Community: 4 members.
Community News:
Art Meetings
3 people came to the art event – sketching, pencil – she’ll send pics for our website.
Eve Ann might teach some art lessons
Landfill Events
There was a meeting in the pool parking lot about the landfill – the Newbie Landfill from Milpitas (he was organizing to close the one here, because he wants a new one)
There was a handout delivered to doorsteps.  (Nobody informed the board)
Kamus is having meetings about it tomorrow at 8:30 pm at Old Almaden Winery (across from Dartmouth)
There are supposed to be an additional 30-40 trucks per day going up to the landfill.
May 16, 7:00 pm at Alamaden Community Center (at the Library on Camden) – Kamus will be having another meeting.

2. Facility Maintenance update.
Todd and Rich installing sheetrocking and painting poolhouse equipment room.
Peg talked to Doug the pool maintenance guy – we need him to insulate the stack. He usually runs both heaters to initially heat, but then only one to maintain.  Rich will call Doug.
Steel bench: proposed to put TBD, but is there somewhere the kids hang out?
Wood bench: we could make a new one out of materials we already have.  Best location TBD.
Will do sprinkler testing; will probably turn on sprinklers next week.
Umbrellas priced out – we need six, we had estimated $50, but ones at Costco are $120/each.  Peg is going to go look at Lowes and a few other places to see if we can find them for less.  (9 foot)
Todd ordered 30 new chairs and 6 chaise lounges for about $4000.
-Some guy in a white truck came and took out broken chairs from the dumpster, realized they were broken, and then threw them all around the parking lot.
We are going to see if a less expensive ping pong table will work before buying a more expensive one.  This season will be the experiment.
There is going to be more termite repair this month.
Boy Scouts are coming to stain and seal any wood furniture at the pool, sand and paint the legs of the tables at the pool, also the umbrella stands.  They are coming May 21, hopefully before the pool is opened.  Peg will take pics so we can post them. The board extended a special thank you to the Boy Scouts for their hard work and community involvement.
3. Pool Rules comments and discussion.
9 homes out of 400 responded.
Move and approve to adopt Andrew Hogg’s suggestion that instead of signing waiver, we just have guests sign in, and by signing agree to rules which will be posted.
Discussed cost: Board voted to change guest fee to $2 instead of $3, and no extra cost for more than 5 guest, but still need to notify Pool Manager if more than 5 guests.
Kiddie pool maximum age: We proposed 6 and under.  Some neighbors were concerned about that.  Conclusion: lifeguard’s call.  If older kids are using it, fine unless little kids are using it, and older kids are not too rough or dangerous.
Babies with parents during adult swim – limited to steps, so they won’t get in the way of lap swimmers.
Age of kids to come by themselves: Discussed letting them come in younger than 12, (10?) – Board still thinks 12 is the right age. And only if they are water safe.
Diving from side?  Conclusion that it’s just safer to make all diving from platform.
Board initiated a proposal to increase BBQ rental at $60 and not raise to $75.  (This is not a major expense for us, and we don’t want to actually make profit on this, just cover costs, $60 will cover extra lifeguard for 4 hours.)  We do need to hire more lifeguards, but there is more use of the pool lately with demographic changes, so we need to have more lifeguards lately on high use time anyway.
Separate note for contract for separate use of BBQ: put in agreement that user will clean up area after use.
4. Boy Scout projects: discussed above.
5. July 4th planning and theme.
Super heroes theme proposed.  Did we do that recently?
We need another 4th of July Meeting.
Lily will follow up with Swim Team about food on 4th of July.
We will pay for burgers/soda/beer/hotdogs, any profit they can keep.  (if they are doing the cooking, setup, cleanup, management)  They can keep leftover food as well.
6. Report from Treasurer. – Vickie sick, no report.
7. Support for bookkeeping – John should be available now.  Rich, Todd to meet with John on Friday and assess if that’s the solution.
8. Community events review and planning. See community discussion.
9. Review/Approve April minutes.
Notes approved by all board members.

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