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MIA 4th of July planning meeting June 21, 2016 Approved Notes

Special 4th of July planning meeting
MIA Board meeting June 21, 2016

Meeting started 7:30 pm
Board members present
Don (came later)

6 community members

Open forum

What happened to lights on the path on Monteval?  Someone liberated it.

Approve minutes:
All board members approved the minutes for May and June.

Swim lessons: Emily Milburn approached the board about teaching lessons.

From noon to 1 , between swim team practice and community swim time.

Emily Milburn :; 408-504-8385

The board has been hoping to offer swim lessons at the pool, as has been offered in the past.

We agreed to employ Emily and 2 of the current lifeguards to offer swim lessons to Montevideo residents during that time slot.

We will add Emily to the payroll; lifeguards are already on the payroll. Lessons will be offered for $20 per half hour.  (Emily reported $25, secretary may have misunderstood.)  Instructors will set their own schedules with parents, and collect the payment for lessons, to be turned into the MIA treasurer.

Emily will post on NextDoor, and MIA will post to blog and NextDoor.  Peggy will provide the contact information for the other swim instructors.

Financial report:
Bookeeping service: Todd met with bookkeeper.  (Linda) She can do pretty much everything we want.  But she doesn’t think it makes sense to do any bill payment.  Most of the bills we pay are automatic anyway.  Pool guy, gardener, Reimbursement for supplies we do independently written checks.

Quicken will let you do bill pay, and Quickbooks won’t, but there isn’t much advantage of doing bill pay through the accounting, because we can do that through Wells Fargo.  Right now we do it through quicken ($14.95/mo), but we should convert to wells fargo, which should have a similar cost.

She has a way she (Linda) can share the quickbooks with 2 other members.  Quickbooks desktop is probably the best way to do it, because we can print out our own reports.  (rather than paying someone to print out our reports)

$65/hr. cost.  We estimated 4-5 hrs/ mo. Down-payment (retainer) $400 to secure work.

We should maybe ask if she would be willing to issue the checks too, and how much that would cost.  Vickie would sign the checks. 

Todd and Rich and Vickie are going to meet to help settle the duties of the treasurer so that Vickie feels comfortable doing it.

We are going to have Linda do our books for 6 months.  She is going to bring our books up to date through the end of June, 2016.   Then at the end she can give us a price to write the checks. (Once she has a better sense of how many checks written per month/ time required.)  Todd and Rich will meet with her. 

Todd will have to assemble all of the records.  Rich offered to help. 
All in agreement with this proposal.


Phone in the clubhouse isn’t working: people are complaining that when people call the clubhouse it doesn’t work.

Instead, they should call Peggy on her cell phone.  Todd changed Peggy’s phone number on the website.

Morning swim: has been averaging 4 swimmers thus far, board approves to continue for the summer.

Swim Team
The swim team is doing their own payroll for coaches this year, after historically coaches being employees of MIA, and on our payroll.  Also, swim team and MIA have historically used the same tax I.D. 

MIA board has asked the swim team to provide information about what tax id they are using, how they are incorporated/registered, confirmation of payroll meeting requirements for worker’s compensation and sick pay, because the MIA board does not know the status of these.  

The swim team board has not yet provided this information.  We do have a copy of the swim team insurance coverage.

We will ask our lawyer for guidance.

July meeting: would usually be July 5th.  We will not have a July 5th meeting, but it was not decided whether we would set a meeting later in July or wait to August.  Stay tuned for more information.

4th of July planning:
Let’s do a hard copy drop on doorsteps.  Rich will do it and add a note to please sign up for our blog to get current information about our neighborhood.

Ron Blumstein has posted a volunteer sign up sheet.  Please let us know what you are available to help with.  The sign-up sheet can be found on line at:

Lily will also post the sign-up sheet at the pool. 

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