Saturday, July 09, 2016

4th of July Awards and Thank Yous

A huge thank you to all of our neighbors and friends who put in hard work and spirit into another great parade and BBQ this year!

Float and Parade awards are as follows:


1st Prize:   Montalban. " Legos"
2nd Prize:  Upper Puerto Vallarta. " Andy's toy chest"
3rd Prize:   Lower Puerto Vallarta  "beach toys"

Best Adaptation of theme:

Lower Monteverde " toy soldiers" 

Most Creative:

1st place: Monteval. " Gotham city"
2nd place: Swim team " Pool Toys"

Most Original:

1st place: Upper Monteverde " Dead Pool"
2nd place: Kid on bike (sorry, we don't know your name!!!  Let us know and we will update post!)

An extra special thank you to our wonderful volunteers!!!  
It truly takes many dedicated people and love to pull off an event like this.

For 4 on the 4th and float theme coordination:  Don and Shelli Whiting and their family (Mary, Cheyenne and Arielle among others!)

Shelli would also like to extend her thanks for all the people who helped with 4 on the 4th:

"I would like to extend a THANK YOU to Peggy Samson, Julie Moore, Sandy Olsen, Mark Olsen, Ken McKavey, Gupi Kirsh, Don Bethune, Kristi Migliore, Mrs. Thiara, and spotters Jacob Nietzel, Kirsh daughter and friends, Migliore daughters and friends, and David Whiting and other bystanders who stepped up to the plate to help with the run.  Please forgive me but the names may not be spelled correctly.  It takes a village to 'run' the race successfully: I could not have done it without her and others:  Julie Moore, Gupi, Ken, Ben Bethune, Sandy and Mark Olsen, Stacey Moore"

Vicki Saenz for ordering food and drinks

For organizing and building floats: the block float leads

For leading the parade,Cub scouts and the flag bearer that everyone followed

For washing the parade vehicle that drove our counselperson Johnny Khamis: Don Whiting, and family Mary, Cheyenne and Arielle.

For driving the parade vehicle that drove our counselperson Johnny Khamis: Bruce Dahl

For buying and delivering popcicles: Jeremy Werner

For organizing, tons of behind-the-scenes work, coordinating with police and city and lending wisdom from last year: Todd and EveAnn Osborn.

For further organizing, details, behind-the-scenes work, prize and float organizing, parade details: Rich Robertson

For announcing: Brent Neitzel

For singing our national Anthem: Lauren Coleman

For food preparation and distribution: Judy and Payton Hansen, Ron Blumstein , EveAnn Osborn, Todd Sneller, Martha Hiller, Rich Robertson, and the best hot dog cook: Patricia Cosgrove and friends.

For ticket sales and tons of organizing: Mary Robertson and EveAnn Osborn

For providing wonderful desserts: The Montevideo Piranhas

For judging: Boy Scouts Andrew and Michael Amey from Boy Scout Troop 340 and Jerry Hurwitz (non-boyscout), and thanks to Ron Blumstein for organizing our judges and posting and creating our volunteer list.

For leading our parade as general marshals and for their ongoing great work at the pool all summer long: Montevideo Lifeguards.

For leading pool games, toys, organizing and everything else she does: Peggy Samson (and her family)

For donation of coins for the yearly diving game that the kids love: the Matts and the Montoyas

For being in charge of beer: "The Parsley Club" - we will update this post with specific names soon.

Thank you also to anyone we missed.  It was a wonderful 4th and we couldn't do it without you.

Lily Halem for the MIA Board of Directors

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