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Approved MIA Board Meeting Notes August 2, 2016

Meeting began at 7:30 p.m. August 2, 2016
Board Members Present:
Rich Robertson
Todd Osborn
Lily Halem
Vicki Saenz

All of June 2016 minutes were approved.  All board members in favor.
The board hopes to transition most if not all of the announcement system away from paper delivered to doorsteps or by mail, and instead by automatic notifications by our Blog each time something is posted.
Idea to have block/street captains approach each house and make an email list so at least one person from each household receives blog updates.  To the extent there are households without email access, a “buddy system” can be put into place, where a neighbor takes responsibility for printing a copy and delivering it to the house without email.
EveAnn Osborn, who has been in charge of notices notes that Guadalajara is missing a block captain.  We need a volunteer to be the Guadalajara block captain, willing to deliver notices to houses who are not signed up for the blog.
Facility update     
Recent additions:

-New bench at sport court;
-Sheetrock went into the pool equipment room last week and will be painted next week.

Proposal to do next:

-Paint the kitchen / remove wallpaper so that it looks cleaner.
-Paint in clubhouse

Issues pending:

-Faucet in the kitchen drips
-Doors hang off hinges (take ‘em out)

Community letter discussion                                         Rich
Purpose of letter (to be dropped) to explain what needs to be done in facility, what we did, and what we think we can do.  Ask for feedback from community.

           Rich and Todd are going to review the reserve study along with the drafting of the letter.  Asphalt in parking lot, and pool decking are priorities per the reserve.  We will get the reserve study guy to come do an update and help us prioritize

Feedback from the community: it seems reasonable to increase fees to $600 so we can do more projects.

July 4th closure/lessons for next year                            Rich

Loved the parade (community).

Fire Department was totally into it.

Todd provided the budget.

We lost less ($500) as compared to last year, so that’s awesome.

Hotdogs: 300: need Armour Hotdogs (they were a hit) BUT next year we will have more people.

Lots of leftover beer and soda:  water and soda can be sold at the pool.

Peggy doesn’t need to buy separate soda.

Need to organize volunteers next year: Judy Hansen will organize volunteers next year.

If we have more people sign up we can do hotdogs and burgers.

Next year, honor Patricia Cosgrove as grand marshal.

Look into event insurance for the run.

Incorporate the lessons learned doc into minutes. (Todd has this document)

Need to put Lions club presidents email address into our 4th package.

Dessert by swim team was perfect.

Letter to Orchard Supply thanking them for coming to our parade: at least in the newsletter.

Was great to have boy scouts as the judges: try to get them again next year.

Treasurer Transition                                                    Todd
Vicki is our treasurer as of August.

A warm and heartfelt thank you to Todd for all of his hard work, insight and contributions to our community. 

Open Board Position                                                     Rich
           We are looking for a new person to fill Todd’s board position.  If you are interested please contact the board at

Property Management option/discussion                      Rich

           We are looking into property management companies:  Rich and Lily will interview at least three companies and report to the board.  If there is one you can recommend, please let us know at

The Bookkeeper will bring our books up to date with a switch from Quicken (which is how we kept them) to Quickbooks, and will keep our books that way from now on.  Cost will be about $600/ month.

Early Swim attendance                                             Lily
About 5 people  - need to advertise better, but worth doing.  We also need to collect the money from Jessie.

Peg says there are people to staff it.

All in favor to continue doing this, passed.

Swim Lessons                                                             Todd
           We got approval from insurance company to have swim lessons.  Took them three weeks to get back to us. They will cover us with no additional cost. 

           So for next year let’s organize our teachers ahead of time, including the cost, and advertise ahead of time.

           All in favor.

Swim Team: 

Todd: we met with the attorney in Feb.  The attorney reviewed our cc&rs, bylaws, governing docs.  Said our documents limit guests, our attorney was concerned. We asked about swim team, he said it was not a good idea to have non-residents on the team. 

We (Todd and Lily) talked to Laura and Stefan about it in February 2016.

Montevideo board and community agree we need to support the swim team.

We want swim team to operate: Montevideo asset available to everyone in the community, so we want it to be an asset available to everyone, at no cost.

Late May, we told lawyer we were unable to come to any kind of an understanding with the swim team.  He said lock them out, board didn’t want to do that. 

CC&R are very narrowly focused, and we are at risk by allowing non-residents as our CC&Rs are written. 

We were not looking for this, but he proactively instructed us to take action.

Where we are going is to create a policy with regard to the swim team – and open it to input from the community, and especially members of the swim team in collaboration with the attorney to reach something we can all live with. 

In the past swim team was only residents.  When we opened it to non-members, each of them were sponsored. 

So we are hoping to work with someone from the swim team to work on the MOU to come up with a draft to submit to the community for review.

Lisa Nietzel has been on team for 10 years, here as swim team rep, said there was no sponsorship in her time. 

At some time – 10+ years ago – someone dropped the sponsorship requirement, but it was not consistent with our governing documents.

Questions from Lisa: if the insurance covers, do we still need a MOU?  Yes, because insurance is not the primary issue. Consistency with bylaws is the primary concern.

Rich: we are hoping to have guidelines so members of the board and of the swim team know what to expect from year to year and we have a system in place.

What are we missing from swim team:

Check for 2016 payments;
We need to compare the insurance swim team has with our insurance.
Information about employer tax id
And then we need to work on an MOU

Goal to have a draft MOU by end of October so we can put it out to the neighborhood in November so people can get a copy with year end mailing.

Summer Pool Hours:

Starting when school starts, pool will close at 7. 

Pool will remain open through the end of September; weather and lifeguards permitting, and closing at 7.

Meeting end at 8:30

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