Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Approved Notes for September 6, 2016 MIA Board Meeting

September 6, 2016  Meeting Notes (DRAFT)

Meeting came to order at 7:30.
Vicki, Lily and Rich were present.

Community input   30 minutes
            Bill Swagerty offered to help us fix website so links connect:
            Mary Norton hopes we will increase the dues this year.

Accept previous minutes Lily

            Lily will work on it because it’s still not up.

Facility update    Rich

            Kitchen wallpaper removed, kitchen and clubroom painted; hallway and doors will be next. When pool closes, the bathroom floors in poolhouse will be painted with non-slip paint (with grit in them).  We should look at poolhouse bathrooms and see if they need paint.

            Hazmat inspection came by, gave us a list of things to fix.  We will be in compliance in about 2 weeks.

            Sign for MIA – where we should have it.  Near the entrance to the pool, maybe on the gazebo thing. 

            Mary Norton from community: if there is a way to do it, can we open the pool on weekends in May next year?  A: If we can get lifeguards, yes.  And we need to let people know well in advance so it gets used.

            Rich is working on a letter to send out to the community about what we did this year, and what we hope to do next year.

            Propose that a committee from community form to make suggestions about how to spend our funds.

            New member of the community (Rahul Gupta): Q: Could we open the park part of the facility to the neighborhood (basketball court, field) year-round, to get maximum use of the facility?  A: First we need to address a security system to prevent the public from coming in, but we need to address vandalism, homeless people living on site, trash being left.  But it is part of our goals.  Mr. Gupta is willing to work on gathering a committee to investigate a security system and park usage.

Reserve study    Rich

            We will spend $400 to get an update from the guy who did the reserve study last time.

Community letter   Rich

            Rich will send it to us for review.

HOA Management   Rich

            Lily and Rich are going to talk for a management company and see what they can do for us.  We anticipate it would cost $5K -$6K per year on top of our current expenses.  Bill asks if we have talked to the Master’s Group for management.

            The finances are assisted by a CPA company, which makes the job of treasurer manageable.

Swim Team MOU   Lily

            Lily needs to follow up with the lawyer and Todd to review the MOU Todd drafted so we can get that out to the community for review.  We need the swim team to send us comments as well.

Pool hours    Lily/Peg

-        Pool will be open until this Sunday 3-7 on weeknights; Weekend 1-7 and then closed for the season, sadly.

Bookkeeper update   Vicki

            -Vicki got the Balance Sheet from the CPA at 6 pm today.

            -We are going to be on Cash basis instead of Accrual Basis for our bookkeeping, we are needing to have the bookkeeper and CPA to be on the same page. 

Comcast update   Don

            -We need to follow up with Don.  He was not at meeting. 

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