Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Approved Meeting Notes November 1, 2016

Nov. 2016 Agenda

Called to order at 7:31 pm:
            MIA officers attending:

Community input

Accept previous minutes:  Lily
            -all accepted

Facility update Rich
   Termite tenting – will be about $3,000 – all approved
            -we need a W-9 from the provider.

New Bench is in front of Pool Area – Phil’s bench (He wanted it).  Eventually it will get a back                  rest as well

Juan sometime this week will put up the sign up at the top of the stairs.

Community letter/New board Rich

            -Lily & Rich will draft early next week demanding someone take over our jobs.  You know it’s you.

HOA Management:  Rich

            -We got one response. (Called several.) It would be $550/month, we already confirmed Peggy would continue as site manager.  Vicki needs to update the bookkeeper with all of the house sales.  Julie should do it.  Vicki will coordinate with her.

            -We will bring him and anyone else who can in, and we will call an emergency board meeting.

Swim Team MOU: Lily:

            -We will mail it to homeowners with a cover letter in the next couple weeks.

            -Lily and Rich will work on cover letter. – It will also include a call for new board members.
            -Then we will receive comments for 30 days, the same way we did with the new pool policy.

            -Vicki will ask if the bookkeeper can do the mailing, if not, Vicki will get the mailing list from Todd/ Julie and will do the mailing

Bookkeeper Update:  Vicki
            Swim team paid us in full as of September.
            Vicki will get updated addresses to bookkeeper.
            IRS has contacted us because there was a mistake on our 1099 for Juan and Jueve, Juan’s has been corrected, but we still need Jueve’s information.
            We need to get w-4 and I-9 from any new contractor/hire before they start work.
            Vicki will check to make sure she has information for all employees.

Comcast update Don

            We should pay for some of Peggy’s phone now that we terminated the old clubhouse number.  Maybe we should forward the number to her cell phone, so if we ever have someone else in that position. 
                        -Vote to pay for ½ of Peggy’s cell phone service – all in favor

                        -Vote to forward old phone number 268-1944 to Peggy so we can keep that number – all in favor

            Our AT&T bill had gone up to $400+/month for two lines, we rarely used.  SO
            Don had Comcast port the 268-1944 number to the Comcast equipment, and 265-6565, will be disconnected (pool phone).
We cancelled AT&T.
                        -Cutoff date was about a month ago
            The pool line 268-6565 is also unnecessary (also AT&T) – we will cancel that too.

We were billed by AT&T for September…Don will call Comcast to make sure they have terminated the AT&T service.  (They are supposed to do it).  First we should make sure we don’t get charged next month. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:20

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