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MIA Homeowners Association - Board Annual Meeting Minutes - 1/10/2017

MIA Homeowners Association - Board Annual Meeting
1/10/2017 - 7:43pm v2a1

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Board Member Signature Date

The meeting was called to order at 7:34 PM by Vicki Saenz.  Other board member in attendance were Kerry Smith, Lily Halem.   Don Whiting was unable to attend.  Attending for the management company was Rob March.
Also in attendance were:   James Hillman (Association’s Attorney), Peggy Samson (Pool Operations) and a host of members.
Revised Appointment to Board Position – it was noted that the board of directors appointed: Kerry Smith   to serve the balance of the board members of Rich Robertson’s term.   It was noted that Todd Osborn has also resigned to enable new board members to participate in the process.  
A motion was made, seconded, and passed to accept the amended meeting minutes of December 13th, 2016 v1b.
A motion was made, seconded, and passed to accept the financials created by Best Bookkeeping Company for December 31st 2016 ending (unaudited – Books closed 12 13 2016).  This included the reconciled bank statements, A/R, and A/P reports through November, 2016.  
2017 Budget – the dues will remain the same as in 2016 for all members at $500.00/year.
Year End Report and Disclosures – the written report created by Best Book Keepers Company will be mailed to all members (based on the mailing record for each member) by year end 2016.  The disclosure also includes policy in managing delinquent accounts (due date, fines, interest and lien procedures), along with Arbitration Policies and much more.
Delinquent Members – it was noted that seven (7) members remain delinquent.  The Association will commence lien actions on each delinquent member and follow the Association’s Delinquency Policy.
Supplemental Fee for Information Policy – the board decided in 2017 not to charge the members who do not sign up for Association Correspondence by Email.  The cost per mailing can be as high as $3,000.00.  
Year End Review – it was noted that the Association have over $75,000 in income annually and therein must perform an audit or review of the financials.  A motion was made, seconded and passed to order a Review by an independent 3rd Party Vendor.
Financial Reporting – the financial reporting will be changed from the existing format.  For the Balance Sheet – a single page Asset/Liability Sheet will be created for viewing by members.   For the Income Statement a 6 column format will be used showing Current (actual to budget) and YTD (actual to budget) both to have variances shown also.  Reports will be sent to all members on an ongoing basis to those members who provide their email addresses to email too.
Entry Gates – all gates are to be self-latching and require a formal means of entering the pool and club areas.
Club House Maintenance – the club house will have its floors cleaned and sealed/waxed after the January 14th, 2017 event.  Peggy Samson will arrange for the vendor to perform this work.
Club House - tenting was down in December
Perimeter Lighting – a light report will be generated to determine additional lighting requirements and performance of existing light fixtures and placement.
Association Blog – a review of the Association’s blog will be performed through Bill Swagerty.   Upgrades. Licenses, and changes will be submitted to the board.  A self-registration for email delivery will be developed through Bill also.
Ethics Policy – it was noted that the board has established an ethics policy that all board members will sign and pay attention to while directing the community’s activities.
Landscaping – Pending.  Various areas will be corrected that include; dead tree removal, repairing/adding irrigation to un or under watered areas, review of alternative landscape plants/species to enable a covered and pleasant community club area look.
Irrigation Repair and Programming – A bid for $750.00 was submitted for review by the board.  A decision will be made soon (Note:  At present the current landscaper does not perform this task).
Candidates for Board Positions – Updated:  The closing date to register as a candidate for the 2017 board of directors positions is December 31st, 2016.   Members will need to email their intent to the board and provide a brief statement (2 paragraphs tops) sharing why they wish to serve on the board for the 2017 Fiscal Year.   A ballot will be sent to all members, along with a separate form/notice to provide each member's’ email address), to vote.  Should only a total of five members wish to run for office, the board will decide to either distribute ballots or motion for approval to elect the listed candidates to serve.   Members can always serve as committee chairpersons to help the community thrive.   There are a number of committees including:  Landscape, Grounds, Finance, and Social Committees.
Communication to the Community – Updated:  It is imperative that the Association starts utilizing email as the formal method of communicating to the members.  Starting 2017, the Association will take a number of steps to get this process fully functional.   The costs to mail by US Mail and the inherent lag of current information will drive this to the proper conclusion in having 99% of all members communicated to via email.  The email list and contact information will remain confidential and held by the Association’s President.   Those members who do not have an email address can assign a person to receive and forward to the member.
Management Contract – It was noted that the new management company does not have responsibility for pool services, maintenance, grounds, swim activity (scheduled or not).  These activities will be through Peggy Samson.  The Club Room renting and logistics will also be managed through Peggy Samson.  Overall, the management company will provide guidance in performing Davis Sterling Act for the community, attend quarterly board meetings and assist in planning and preparing for the July 4th party/celebration.   Additionally, the management company will interface with the contractors to provide guidance in performing their tasks.
Basic Legal Observations (By MacDonald & White, LLP) - MIA Association is nonprofit with governing documents that enable member use, but is not open to the public.  Therein, based on the governing documents the Swim Team should remain a member’s only program.  One particular reason for this is the interpretation of ADA Compliance as it relates to an open program (or, by default a Public Facility).  The governing documents infer that guests are welcome.   Alternatively, sponsorship will be considered and reviewed.

Swim Team – The Association’s Attorney will work with the Swim Team to prepare and secure appropriate documents, insurances, and processing for Payroll requirements.
Posting of Events – the Association will officially post notices for the community members at the bulletin board at the sidewalk level of the club room.
Association’s Governing Documents – A follow up discussion will be held at future meetings to have the Association’s governing documents updated to enable current law and policies that will serve the community to provide a safe and legal program.
Landscape Programming – A motion was made, seconded and passed to hire Pacific Crest Landscape to program the irrigation clocks and instruct existing landscaper on how to maintain and switch between seasons.
The next Board of Directors meeting will be February 28th, 2017 at the club room.  The time of the meeting is:  6:45 PM.
The next Annual Membership meeting will be February 28th, 2017 at the club room.  The time of the meeting is:  7:15 PM.
The meeting was closed at 9:25 PM.
Open Projects:
  • Pool Deck – replace, add coating or patch
  • Pool Re plaster – resurfacing and tile(2020)
  • Reserve Study review and path to funding review.
  • Access Gate upgrades.
  • Club Room floor strip and finish.
  • 4th of July Program (Permits: Todd) EA there is a file
  • Asphalt Parking lot and concrete pad for Trash Trucks.
Custom Concrete Resurfacing – 408 227 8716  Rick Koehler,  Lic # 725682
Reserve Study Specialists – Fred Etemad, 818 992 1312
As-It-Stands – Dawn Anderson   408 422 6155  Quality Assurance and ADA compliance

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