Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Minutes - Draft
Date: Tuesday, May 2th, 2017
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Location: Clubhouse meeting room

1. CALL TO ORDER 7:04pm
  • Community Member asked - Several houses in Montevideo with yards very unkept. Is there a way we can ask them to clean up?  The Board  has never enforced any rules on this subject.  It is basically all about interpretation.  
  • Community Member asked - Now with warm weather coming, people with pools should realize how their voices travel. It gets very noisy. What can be done?
    We can not enforced noise regulations.  If it is before 10pm, nothing can be done except to talk to your neighbors.  If after 10pm, you can call the non emergency police number.
  • Community Member asked - We moved into the area a few months ago and live on Puerto Vallarta Drive. I was wondering how we could get keys to the Community Club House?
    It was explained to the Homeowner that the residents do not receive keys to the pool or the club house.  It was a misunderstanding on their end.  Vicki is sending out the Welcome to the Neighborhood packet to all new residents.
  • Community Member - Is anyone else having an issue with their mail service?  We have a new person on the route.
    A quick poll was taken. No other residents felt we were being underserved by the USPS.
  • Approved Board of Directors Meeting Minutes from April 11, 2017
  • No communication of any Board of Directors or Management Company actions between formal meetings.
  • Neighbor Fences
    • Still waiting for the quote from the resident.
  • 4th of July Update
    • Theme will be school memories.
    • We asked Chris Izor, Guadalupe Principal to be the Grand Marshall.  Waiting to hear back from him.  
    • Information on the Fourth will go out in the Newsletter, mid-May.  Bill will work on the newsletter
    • Bill will ask the police from Venture Church if they would like to work the parade.
    • Brent will announce during the parade.
    • We will contact Cash and Carry to give him the heads up that we will be ordering from him.
  • The Street Captain positions are all filled.
  • Landscape Update
    • Vicki and the Management Company met with the landscape company.  
    • The volleyball court needs to be redone along with several other spots.  
    • Steps need to be fixed.
    • Grinding also needs to be done in several areas.
    • Cost is approximately $7,569.
    • Management Company offered free wood chips but would charge approximately $2,000 to deliver and spread.  Vicki to ask gardeners how much they would charge.  Ron said that the Boy Scouts would do it for free.
  • Treasurer Update
    • We have 7 homes that have not paid dues yet and one who is on a payment plan.
    • Vicki to send one final letter with the amount they will have to pay if they are sent to collections.  If still no payment, they we will be sent to collections.
    • Reserves will be discussed after the Fourth of July.
  • Pool and Clubhouse
    • We are ready to open Memorial Day Weekend.  Hours will be Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 1-8pm, weather permitting
    • Pool hours for the season will also be 1-8pm, if no one is at the pool at 7pm or after, the lifeguards can close for the night.
    • We will have a trial period for the Master Swim, 6-7am.  Starting date and days are to be determined.  Vicki and Peggy to confirm the days and times the pool is serviced.
    • The month of June there will be 3 lifeguards on duty.
    • The floors and the baseboards in the clubhouse have been cleaned and polished.
    • A new volleyball net has been ordered.
    • New shade structures have been ordered.
  • We will purchase a first aid kit for the clubhouse.  It will be placed in a kitchen cabinet that will be labeled First Aid.
  • Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 7pm
  • 8:36pm

Note: Meeting Agenda format/content is designed to be flexible for attending Members and to enable the Board of Directors to take appropriate action as required on issues that affect the Association’s overall operations. Some actions are taken by the Board without a regularly scheduled meeting. Such actions will become part of the Minutes record at the next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting.

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