Thursday, October 05, 2017

Minutes - Draft
Date: Tuesday, September 12th, 2017
Call to Order: 7:00 P.M.
Location: Clubhouse meeting room
Kerry Smith not in attendence - Ron Blumstein took minutes

1. Community Input
- Discussion about ways to notify community about future board meetings
- Julie Moore discussed the HOA documents that new homeowners receive

2. August Meeting Minutes
- Approved

3. Old Business
- Reserve Study - a new Reserve Study is required by law this year; the board agreed to use the same company that did the previous Reserve Study; Bill is to follow up with the Property Management company to ensure the new Reserve Study has been ordered
- PG&E Smart Meter - PG&E has installed a new Smart Meter at the pool; there were some previous issues with their meter readers obtaining access to the meter; MIA received a credit back on last month's bill as the estimate reading was higher than actual
- Discussed the Gardening services received by MIA; no change was initiated
- Discussed replacing failing fences with lots that neighbor the common area; MIA has agreement with one property owner, but no work has been initiated
- Neighborhood social event tentatively scheduled for Sun 10/15 at the clubhouse
- Dues - all homeowners have paid dues for 2017
- Management Company - the board decided to terminate the contract with the existing Management company.  Bill will formally notify the Management company in writing.  The board agreed to discuss the need for a management company in the future.

4. New Business
- The pool will be open from 1-7pm on Sat/Sun for the remainder of September.  Due to lifeguard availability, it will only be open from 4-7pm on Sat 9/16.

5. Next MIA Board Meeting
- Tues 10/10 at 7pm

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