Monday, April 09, 2018

                                MONTEVIDEO IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION (MIA)
Minutes- Draft
Date: March 13, 2018
Time: 7:00 P.M.   6:57pm Call to Order
Location: Clubhouse meeting room

1. CALL TO ORDER  Dushan, Jerry Mattson, Sarah Mettler, Peggy Samson
2. COMMUNITY CONCERNS, COMMENTS, FEEDBACK   Jerry Mattson would like to thank the Board for waiving his late fees.  
Dushan - who is Laura and why does she have to clean. Is Bill stepping down, who is replacing him-newsletter will be the final call for volunteers
  • Previous Board of Directors Meeting Minutes March 13 2018  Approved unanimously
  • Communication of any Board of Directors or Management Company actions between formal meetings.  Voted to accept tree bid Peggy has new companies, the permit can be transferred. Brent would like us to pay him for the permit.  Brent suggests paying him for the permit @ $400 as same as what Anderson’s would charge. Bill agrees
  • New Board Members
    • 2 possibilities Sarah Mettler and Peggy Samson
    • Vicki has left the Board
    • Brent spoke to Barrett, we can hire a service to take over.  That is what we would like to do
    • Linda Roost is the bookkeeper.  Better

  • Treasurer Update
    • Dues not paid shows that 50 have not paid.  We should be down to about 20
    • Mary suggested that if we decide to increase maybe 2 payments.
      • We can have a discussion later.  Possible solutions are to offer under special circumstances
  • Gardener
    • Did he sign contract - Has been delivered to the gardener.  We still need it back.
    • Insurance situation-will give to us when he returns the contract
  • Trees/Gutters-Anderson gave a quote for two additional trees, plus stump grinding.  We will pay Angel the permit fee. Advising Anderson, we have the permit. We will do all the work on the Anderson bid - the permit  Motion to approve if Anderson agrees with the permit and we will pay. Approved
Bill will work with Anderson’s on this
Gutters need to be cleaned but don’t see any that needed to be repaired
Anderson will blow leaves from the roof

  • Newsletter - Eveann frustrated with not having email addresses.  We have made every effort to obtain the address.
    • Personal addresses in the newsletter, use the board@mia
    • Approval/input of newsletter - soft copy with a deadline of when to respond.  
    • Several items need to be corrected before being sent out
      • Include the cement work
      • Sarah will contact street captains

  • Blog-wikispaces is shutting it’s doors
    • Bill reached out to Akeem
    • Blog, Google, Website
  • Ron is going to obtain the permit for 4th of July
    • SJPD - 3 officers seem to be too much
    • 50 years
      • T Shirts
      • Adding to newsletter
7. ADJOURNMENT  8:17pm

Note: Meeting Agenda format/content is designed to be flexible for attending Members and to enable the Board of Directors to take appropriate action as required on issues that affect the Association’s overall operations. Some actions are taken by the Board without a regularly scheduled meeting. Such actions will become part of the Minutes record at the next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting.

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