Thursday, October 04, 2018

MIA Board Minutes – 9/11/2018

Call to Order – 7:04pm
Community Input
  • Website Update
    • Time and Date of Meetings
    • Add Web Address to Facebook
    • MIA Recipe Section
Approval of Minutes
  • Minutes Approved
Old Business
  • Pool Rules – Edit and add to existing rules
  • Approve New Homeowners Letter
  • Discuss Clubhouse Rental  Rules at Next Meeting
  • Pool Leak Detector - $525 and schedule is 30 days out
New Business
  • Treasurer Update
    • Water Usage – Pool vs Clubhouse
    • Working on Budget for 2019
    • Delinquent Dues
  • Improvement Committee – Compiling List of Needed Repairs/Improvements
  • Social Update
    • Movie Night – 50 Neighbors Watched Movie Coco
    • Tent or Treat
      • Sunday, October 28th from 3-7 PM
      • Approval of $200 for Prizes, Decorations, etc.
  • Next Newsletter – First Week of October
  • Next Meetings
    • Tuesday, October 9th at 7pm
    • Tuesday, November 13th at 7pm

Meeting Adjourned – 8:17pm

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